How to Shop for Baby Clothes


When it comes to your little bundle of joy, it's a given that you want your baby to look their best. But baby clothing can be expensive, and as fast as the little ones grow, it can feel like they are outgrowing your wallet. But there are ways to keep your favorite little one clothed in all the newest styles, without having to empty out your piggy bank.

Consignment Shops. These are local hidden treasures when it comes to affordable baby clothes. These shops sell 'gently used' baby clothing. What that means is that you can buy clothes that were bought at full price by another person, and then sold while they were still in good condition. Consignment shops are always a great option for getting high end baby clothing at a reasonable price. Most consignment shops have very high standards when it comes to the clothes that they take in. Add in the fact that babies grow very fast, and you have a recipe for nearly brand new baby clothes at a fraction of the cost.

Outlet Shops. If your city has an outlet mall, there is likely some large baby clothing retailer that has a shop there. Outlet stores can offer you baby clothing at a discounted price, because there is no middle man. While they may not have the newest trends in baby clothes, it is a great way to buy high end clothing at a reduced price while still getting them brand new.

Resales. Lots of cities have resales throughout the year. They are not unlike giant garage sales. Local parents, grandparents, and anyone with baby gear they no longer need can buy a stall to sell their things. Usually held in a convention center, a Resale is a good way to have access to lots of different brands and styles of baby clothes, all at a reduced price. The only downfall to Resales is that the prices are set by the previous owner. While this usually means you can get adorable baby clothes at a great price, there is a chance you might run into someone who wants a little more than a reasonable price for their used baby clothes.

Wholesale. A wholesale retailer is another truly affordable place to get that perfect little summer dress for your baby girl, or an adorable romper for your bouncing baby boy. The prices are always low, although there is often a membership fee involved with being able to shop at the wholesale store. The only real issue with buying from a wholesale retailer is that you are more likely to have to buy in larger quantities. This can be a great asset when it comes to things like onesies that you will use in abundance, but may not be so great for if you want a single cute outfit for your little one.

No matter where you go to buy your bundle of joy the perfect outfit, just remember to be a smart shopper. With the use of coupons, sales ads and being familiar with thrift stores, consignment shops and even garage sales, you can get everything you need to help your baby be fashion forward and ready to play, without having to over pay.